Her tears will make you rethink your priorities


Zainuniessa Waggie knows loss. Two brothers killed by gang violence, a drug addict for a son. And a granddaughter who lost her life to Charge syndrome – at the age of one. How does a person bear all of that? Waggie shoulders the load by giving back.

In 2013, she started Soffiyah’s Feeding Scheme. Named after Waggie’s granddaughter, the scheme serves 50 kids two meals a day in Statice Heights, Cape Town. At 6am, she starts making breakfast for the army of kids set to arrive an hour later. Thanks to Waggie, these children who would otherwise go hungry get to school with a full stomach and the ability to concentrate.

As important as the food she serves is the love she shares. In the afternoons, Waggie gives the kids a second meal and helps them with schoolwork. She works to preserve their innocence and protect their futures.