He started out scrubbing floors. Now he runs the place


Floor scrubber. Head chef. Cake king and business owner. If you dream it you can do it. Thusile Celesi started out as a cleaner in a hotel kitchen. Ambitious and tenacious, he now runs his own business.

And he’s done it all with no formal training, moving up in the world thanks to self-belief and passion. Not content with climbing the ladder from sweeping and mopping to head chef, Celesi needed more. He decided to venture out and started his own business selling cakes, calling it the Village House. Loyal to his community, he chose to set up shop in his neighbourhood of Nkanini, Khayelitsha.

Celesi approaches everything the same way: with energy and commitment. Whether working as a janitor or baking cakes, he brings the same level of care and attention to detail. Those traits, coupled with the courage to go after his dream, have seen him accomplish more than anyone thought he could.