365 days. 67 countries reached. 65 million views. South African stories have power


Thank you for 365 stories that captured the heart, tenacity and generosity of the South African spirit. Every day for the last year, you shared your stories with us and transfixed the nation. Keep checking back at 4:14 – we have exciting news coming soon. This is your Beautiful News.

 South Africa, you are beautiful. Starting on 1 November 2016, you opened your hearts and told your stories. Sharing in the goodness within all of us, from activists like Imtiaz Sooliman and Kumi Naidoo, to David Masilela, the petrol attendant who became a lawyer, and Anlie Starke, the teacher who built a playground for disabled kids, you gave us reasons to believe in our present, and hope for a better future. You spread the word far and wide, reaching a social media audience of 57.6 million in over 67 countries and amassing 65 million views. Over 365 days you shared your stories, and the nation listened. For this we can’t thank you enough. And we can’t wait to share the next year with you.

Waldi du ToitOctober 2017