Press play. An honest guide to the challenges and triumphs of fatherhood


Terence Mentor has a confession. He used to be jealous of the bond that his two-year-old shared with his wife. When Mentor made the admission on social media, his fears resonated with other parents. “People are full of advice for first-time moms,” he says. “But there’s little out there on how to be a good dad.” Mentor decided to create an authentic, intimate handbook for fathers like him. The result is AfroDaddy, his online meeting place to share the challenges and triumphs of fatherhood.

Mentor draws from his experience of fostering 14 children with his wife, Julie. In the past four years, they’ve opened their home and hearts to give children from welfare agencies the care they deserve. Mentor is now a full-time dad to Liam and Eli. Both boys feature in the AfroDaddy platform as Mentor gives an honest look into his life with them. With videos, blog posts, and podcasts, Mentor is breaking the silence on male parenting. The social stigma attached to men sharing their emotions, especially on public platforms, can make some conversations uncomfortable. Mentor dives into the discomfort and addresses issues across the parenting spectrum.

His content covers every imaginable topic, from what he’s learnt since becoming a dad to how to handle discipline. The common thread in all of them? Mentor constantly encourages fathers to be engaged in raising their children. The journey of fatherhood is tumultuous, yet thrilling. With Afrodaddy, Mentor offers advice, affirmation, and solidarity on the web. “Being a new parent is scary,” Mentor says. “But it’s less scary when we’re all in it together.”