The kid who found purpose in the face of a hippo


The Okavango Delta is a life source. Home to countless plant species and a vital water source to Botswana’s wildlife. For Teddy Sambu, it was just a long way from Khayelitsha.

The budding photographer received a life-changing opportunity to hone his craft under the mentorship of Damon Hyland, a respected photographer and DOP. Funded by the Imara Light Warriors, a project run by Imara Holdings, the trip was an experience of a lifetime for Sambu, who earned his break after Hyland recognised his skill for composition.

Sambu’s exuberant energy comes through in his photography. His images are full of detail and depth and depict his subject in its truest form. He can only get better from here. His eagerness to learn, coupled with his passion for his craft, has taken him far. His life is forever changed. The experience opened a world that he could only imagine. The Okavango Delta was more than his muse. It became a place of self-discovery.