Look into my soul. See my people


“Everyone thinks I’m weird,” Skhumbuzo Vabaza says with pride. From a childhood habit of scrawling on his parents’ walls to his adult career as a graffiti artist, he has embraced divergence from the norm as central to his identity, the key to his success as a creative individual.  

Known as Skubalisto, Vabaza is a graffiti artist, illustrator and designer. Born in Zimbabwe and raised in the Eastern Cape, the artist has created an impressive body of work. Bold and confrontational, his artwork reflects South African traditions intertwined with modernisation – kaleidoscopic visions of the country. One of his recent projects saw Vabaza collaborating with other local artists for the Lacing up Langa project, aiming to democratise art by painting murals in the township. The initiative allowed people in the community to contribute to the process. Awakening a sense of pride in the community, the project showed young children the possibilities of exploring careers in art.

Passionate about South Africa, Skubalisto has made it a priority to develop the art scene in our country. To him, its depth and cultural wealth is unmatched, a constant source of inspiration and surprise.