Our future leaders are on the run


Siviwe Komani got lost on the route of his first race, and still could have won. But by the time he caught the leader at the end of the race he didn’t have the heart to go past him. It would have been cruel to overtake after so long in the lead. The act was a simple, personal display of sportsmanship that epitomises the values the kids at Run 2 Lead are taught. Running isn’t just about winning. It’s about living a better life.

The project was started as an off-branch of Clean C, an NPO interested in all levels of social upliftment, from creating employment to environmental awareness. At base level it’s a running club that gives athletes access to events and gear without which their progress in the sport would be hindered. But the deeper goal is in the last word of the name: creating future leaders.

Running has focused Komani, and freed him at the same time. He knows that without it he might have ended up falling prey to darker temptations. Instead he’s living in the light. His running style mimics his attitude to life. He glides when he moves, cruising with a stride that seems only to get stronger as the distance increases. While he’s quick off the mark, he knows that the greatest achievements in life require endurance. But he knows where he’s going.