This mentalist is shaping his own destiny


Epilepsy. Dyslexia. ADHD. Asthma. And Tourette’s. The genetic lottery handed Russell Fox a mega-storm of mental challenges. As a young boy his school psychologist and principle declared him unteachable. So Fox set out on his own path to learning and defining the world, finding a way forward through the art of mentalism.

Fox’s progression towards mental mastery began in his youth, as calming his mind became a daily necessity in the face of his collective disorders. But meeting a magician 18 years ago challenged him to take this to a new level. Intrigued by the magic he witnessed, Fox threw himself into everything he could find on the subject. And contrary to the absurd early admonishing of formal education, he proved a fast learner. That year he tripled his salary and has since performed mentalism for the Prince of Saudi Arabia and MTV Europe. Not bad for someone who was told he would never be able to work.

Mentalism is all about playing on the predictability of human perception. Fox understands this phenomenon better than most – even other mentalists. He has been breaking down and redefining perceptions since his first breath. And while he displays impressive control when walking over jagged glass unharmed and bending spoons without force, his lifelong expression of mental strength should summon the loudest applause. Fox has shown that the labels placed on us by the world can be ripped off and rewritten.