The cricket coach searching for our next black superstar


South African cricket is booming. Ranked first in the world for ODIs and second and third in tests and T20s respectively, the Proteas are on fire. Aside from the team’s success, the rise of the country’s first black specialist batsman, Temba Bavuma, has been an incredible move towards transformation goals. But for more players like the feisty number five batsman to emerge we need to pay close attention to our youth systems across the country.

In the Free State, Pena Motsoane is making sure that no talented youngsters slip through the cracks. As coach at the Rocklands Cricket Club in Bloemfontein, he gives township hopefuls the opportunity to develop their skill. Seeing more black players thrive at international level means nurturing young talent. And as Motsoane well knows, there are plenty of future stars who just need the right mentorship to develop into worthy Proteas. Beyond the pitch the club assists those with serious potential to acquire sports bursaries to schools and universities, emphasising education as the backbone of their futures.

It’s a matter of opportunity. And the responsibility lies with cricketing authorities and patrons to treat the future of the game in underprivileged areas with care. This is about far more than sports – it’s about coming good on the foundational promise of our democracy: that all people should be able to dream big and have a realistic chance of reaching their goals. By giving aspiring players the chance to practice at first class facilities and receive guidance in their craft, Mostoane is doing his part to make the South African dream a reality.