Sharks don’t scare me. You do


Crisis. Opportunity. Sometimes the two words mean the same thing. That was the case for Monwabisi Sikweyiya when a shark attacked a swimmer off Clovelly Beach. Rushing into the water, Sikiya got the victim to safety and used his belt as a tourniquet on his severed leg. Sikweyiya’s quick thinking saved a life, and changed his career.

He would go on to work with the Shark Spotters programme, an organisation that aims to improve the relationship between recreational water users and sharks. As a field manager, Sikweyiya leads 30 shark spotters who they have established an effective warning system using flags and sirens in Cape Town. His contribution to shark safety has been so valuable that he was invited to Australia in 2016 to advise and assist with their shark safety measures.

The reality is that people pose far more of a threat to sharks than the other way around. This makes Sikweyiya’s role more vital than ever. He is working to save lives by raising awareness and increasing understanding.