Old shoes. Dead flowers. This scanographer reveals the beauty of the mundane


Mishal Weston can reveal a universe of beauty in the things you throw away. With the art of scanography, he’s a maverick. The alternative form of photography replaces a camera with an ordinary office scanner. Zooming in on mundane objects, Weston explores a new perspective on the world around us. From seashells to seeds, bottle caps to bird feathers, there’s nothing Weston doesn’t see as beautiful.

A graphic designer, working from home left Weston uninspired, isolated, and deeply depressed. Examining objects up close gave him a reason to get out of bed every day and explore the world around him. “People are so disconnected from each other,” Weston says. “We often overlook the simplest things that can bring us together.” What began as an unusual hobby is now the artist’s focus. During neighbourhood walks and seaside strolls, Weston collects objects that have fallen by the wayside, anticipating the masterpiece it could be.

“This form of art has changed the way that I perceive the world, the way that I go about each day,” he says. Against the black backdrop of a scanner, Weston reveals intricate details of what was once just trash. The results are spellbinding. “Anything can be art if you change your perspective,” he says. The pursuit of these transformations has given Weston valuable insight into life. For those who seek it, beauty is all around.