Two taxis. One Trolley. 400 kilometres every five days to feed 100 kids


Ubuntu. I am who I am because of other people. Easy words to say, hard rules to live by. Mama Victoria Mpambani does that and more. Every day she is up before sunrise, collecting food to dish out to more than 100 children who would otherwise go hungry.

She started her operation in 2011, providing vital sustenance to those who need it most. The sacrifices she makes for her cause are immense. Every day, she travels between Khayelitsha and Cape Town, filling a trolley with food supplies and bringing it back on public transport. Her daily existence is defined by this commute, a taxing journey that leaves no room for respite. The cost, in both money and time, is a small price to pay for the greater good.

Mama Victoria makes an effort to build personal relationships with the people she serves. Strengthened by their appreciation, she is happy that she can change lives.