Preserving the spirit of yesteryear in the Land of the Silver Mist


Shimmering clouds descend over the Limpopo bushveld. Below the Wolkberg mountains, time stands still. The sense of peace in this evergreen oasis is the pride of Magoebaskloof. The region is known for its crisp atmosphere, pristine landscape, and antiquated village centre. Along the R71, the haze hides these valleys from the world. Locals call it the Land of the Silver Mist.

The quaint town of Haenertsburg sprung up during the gold rush of the 1880s. Though the prospectors have since moved on, Rissik Street preserves their history. The period-style cottages of the Pennefather Complex keep the aesthetic of yesteryear intact. Inside the local bookstore, records of the rich landscape and those who’ve lived here grace the shelves. The tree-lined avenues outside hint at the gardens over the hills.

Rows of avocado trees prosper at Kuhestan Organic Farm because of the fertile climate and heavy rainfall. Come spring, cherry trees and azaleas burst into blossom. The most spectacular displays are at Cheerio Gardens, where flowers and ferns line the edge of the resort’s dams. Here, fishing is a favourite pastime – carefully regulated by the Haenertsburg Trout Association to protect the area’s ecosystem. With a hook cast into these depths, hours slip by.

In Woodbush Forest, it’s easy to forget the entirety of civilisation. Ancient Modjadji cycads and 80-metre eucalyptus trees tower above. This is the largest indigenous forest in Limpopo. It’s host to an array of animals and birdlife, from the black-fronted bush-shrike and the Barratt’s warbler to the Samango monkey. The waters of Debengeni Falls refresh birdwatchers and explorers alike. Nearby, the Haenertsburg cemetery offers an unexpected but breathtaking panorama of the entire region. In this serene landscape, troubles melt into the mist. It’s the secret to Magoebaskloof’s ethereal charm.