A snapshot of our kindred journeys


“I never fitted in,” Koketso Tube says. “I still don’t.” The way people portray themselves sometimes seems like a stark contrast to our own lives, creating a sense of disconnection. But it’s a far cry from the truth. “Everyday realities are often disregarded which makes us feel alone,” Tube says. He’s embarked on a project to give us insight into the next person’s life through photography. By capturing the details of the everyday, Tube is showing us the bigger picture.

Tube’s series of photos capture the quiet moments and experiences of a diversity of people. A man pushes a trolley cart across an intersection. A mother and child observe the sunset. A young girl takes a minute to rest outdoors. Honest and simple, they are immediately recognisable. Seeing the everyday frozen in time allows us to examine the emotions of others. Through them, we can see a reflection of our own lives, despite our different backgrounds. “We are more similar than we think,” Tube says. The concept for the project came to him at a time when he felt emotionally trapped. Taking photographs of others gave him clarity. “I stopped looking within and started looking out,” he says.

Tube’s series allows us to recognise just how much we have in common. “I hope that people can see that everybody is going through something,” he says. Through his work, the artist reaches his own resolve. “We all have different journeys,” he says. Struggle is inevitable. But despite our contrasts, we’re in this together.