She found truth in a teapot. Now she’s sharing her special blend with you


“I had this booming moment of enlightenment,” says Jessica Bonin. She hated her job. Working in the film industry, she was desperately unhappy. And then, an unlikely escape. Tea. In the stories and mysteries that tealeaves contain, Bonin found her calling. She bought a caravan and started selling tea, untethered and free.

Six years later, after the novelty of life on the road had worn thin, Bonin would open a shop in Long Street – the first tea bar on Cape Town’s most famous thoroughfare. Today The Tea Bar serves and distributes a wide range of loose-leaf teas sourced from organic farmers.

Tea has let Bonin find herself. It has enabled her to turn away from the torpor of a dead-end job into a space where she controls her own destiny. A businesswoman and pioneer, she has seized her moment and found her path.