Chasing magic at the edge of the Atlantic


Jeannie De Gouveia is an overthinker. She returns to the little details over and over again. This, coupled with a fast-paced job and intense schedule, adds up to an exhausting combination. Despite seemingly limitless reserves of energy, the television presenter does need a break. To find it, she doesn’t have to travel far.

De Gouveia’s breathing space is at Tintswalo Atlantic, a hotel on a stone beach facing Hout Bay. The unspoiled view of Sentinel peak, where the mountains and sea meet, creates a captivating vista. “To have the ability to sit on the edge of the water and look at the ocean and watch the sunsets, it’s a blessing,” De Gouveia says. Year round, her work demands intense commitment. On the verge of the Atlantic waters, she can recharge. “When I’m in an environment where I can just be calm and really take in the beautiful surroundings, it inspires me,” she says.

Although De Gouveia gets to travel extensively, she always finds herself drawn back to this spot. “I get to go to the most beautiful places in the world, but out of everywhere on this planet, home is still the best,” she says. Despite being a short drive away from Cape Town’s city centre, it feels like a world away. In this corner of the Cape, De Gouveia can calm her thoughts and maintain the vivacity she brings to the screen. But this is more than just a rest stop. Below Chapman’s Peak Drive, this place is a reminder that beauty is always within reach. “I think in a world that’s so busy and can be really hard sometimes, be in a constant pursuit of magic,” De Gouveia says. Here, she can chase her own.