Be relentless. Pursue your passions. One day you’ll excel


Jade Ayla is proof that practice makes perfect. Having never studied in the field, her achievements as a graphic designer and illustrator are remarkable. After graduating with a degree in fashion, Ayla worked in corporate retail, designing for a menswear brand, but experimented with other forms of creativity on the side. “My aim was to hone in on what I was good at and I knew that that was design,” she says.

Ayla began working on the side as a freelance designer, but when more clients started showing an interest in her abilities, she realised that she could do it permanently. Despite not having qualifications in either graphic design or illustration, she stayed true to herself. “You can teach yourself almost anything,” she says. “It has helped me to mould my own aesthetic.” Her work consists of clean, modern design and simple combinations of colours and graphics. In just over a year of exploring her new-found ability, Ayla has created works for numerous influencers, publications, festivals and DJs.

While she believes she still has a lot to learn, Ayla is committed to producing her best work. “I don’t have days off. I work through the night sometimes,” she says. “But I’m really enjoying being able to do what I’m passionate about.” In a time when so many aspiring creatives never get the chance to study what they want, Ayla is showing that there’s value in relentlessly pursuing your interest until you excel.