The young role model sprinting from gravel to glory


Usain Bolt is winding down. After running the 100 metres slower than 10 seconds at multiple meetings already this year, the world’s fastest human is taking the time to enjoy his final athletics season before retiring from sprinting. Why shouldn’t he? He’s achieved everything – and then some. And while he basks in the glory of his sparkling career, the world awaits the rise of its next champion…

Gianno Peddy flies down a stretch of gravel in a small corner of South Africa’s Northern Cape province. His shoes crunch on the loose terrain, as his legs pump through furious strides. Intensity drips from his brow, his eyes sharp. He needs to be on top of his game – the outdoor training track has already cost him several injuries. Despite his humble upbringing in Okiep, where poverty looms over dreams, the 18-year-old is breaking into the national athletics scene with serious heat. Peddy has racked up two IAAF-recognised sprinting times, and has his eyes set on Olympic gold in 2020.

The ambitious young runner believes that anything is possible in the future. And while he’ll have his work cut out for him in qualifying to race in sprinting’s most competitive event, he’s taken the first step by employing a positive attitude. Regardless of where he manages to go through sport, Peddy is determined to be a role model for the young people of his community. Still so young, the talented athlete has his priorities straight.