Why did this would-be royal choose life on the streets?


Felix traversed the African continent before settling in Cape Town. Today he gets by singing to the rhythm of his guitar at the Company Gardens. It’s a humble offering that he takes great care in delivering. And South Africans have returned his good will by supporting his busking and contributing towards the costs of his guitar. The brightly beaded character has become inextricably linked to the gardens where he plays.

Descended from two proud Maasai tribes, one with a link to royal blood, his journey began after his mother told him that he should live as a prince to all people. Those words left him with a sense of responsibility towards others. He wants to make them happy in whatever way he can. And right now he is sharing joy through music.

The busker leads a simple life. He doesn’t have much in the way of possessions or money. But there’s something regal about him. In his culture a person’s wealth is displayed not with money in hand, but through tattoos and facial piercings. Felix’s rich ancestry is traced in the lines etched onto his skin. Returning home is his long-term goal, but for now he’s found his place enjoying South Africa and entertaining its people.