Reimagining South Africa with spectacular 3D animations


Have you ever seen a building collapse and rebuild itself? Fabian Humphry turns stable structures into seemingly fluid, shifting creations. Of course, the concrete doesn’t move a millimetre. With complex light displays, Humphry can transform any object into a kinetic masterpiece. “What I do is create animations and project these onto large buildings, cars, and various surfaces to create art,” he says. Known as 3D projection mapping, these spectacles are electrifying everyday life.

In March 2019, Humphry designed the largest 3D projection mapping in Africa. Using the iconic grain silos of the Zeitz MOCAA, he recast the museum’s exterior into an illusory visual show. The result was five minutes’ worth of carefully crafted animation and sound effects. Aerial performers suspended from the building moved with imagery depicting a thrilling voyage from Table Mountain to outer space. Using nine projectors at 20k resolution, Humphry accomplished this with Cape Lasers.

The technological feat captivated the audience, affirming Humphry’s status as one of the country’s most innovative designers. “I’m excited to be a part of establishing a new art form in the world and seeing how far we can push that,” he says. Humphry redefines what counts as canvas and paint while breaking the boundaries of imagination. Opportunities for creativity are all around. As Humphry illuminates our streets, he reminds us that anything is possible – if we dare to look in a different light.