Mountain biking is a tough sport. Now try it on one wheel


Donna Kisogloo knows that she’s a little odd. Her behaviour can draw frowns – like when she cruises past fellow cyclists – on a unicycle. But strange looks and stares mean nothing to the idiosyncratic trundler. She is the first woman to have completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour, South Africa’s premiere road race, on a unicycle. Twice.

Kisogloo did have a head-start in the balance department. She comes from a juggling background, which exposed her to many other circus arts. Including the wonders of life on one wheel. Carnival life also taught her to think outside the box, giving her room to experiment with different ways to enjoy South Africa’s beauty.

Kisogloo lives on the edge of each rotation, seeking out the next challenge. Most recently she’s on to mountain unicycling – extreme, not for a weak constitution. Kisogloo has a bold way of going about business. Sure, this means being unconventional. Even controversial. Or just alive.