Building a better future with homemade robots


When last did you fix a remote? Design an app? Build a robot? For the average person, the creation of technology is incomprehensible. We know how to work our devices, but not how to make them. Dintwe Africa Teboho is an Electronics graduate making gadgets easier to access and work with. “In a world where technology is a crucial part of our lives, it’s fundamental that we are able to understand it from a young age,” he says.

Upon completing his studies, the laboratory assistant at the Central University of Technology founded Geek Electronics, a startup company developing electronic programming kits to promote an interest in technology among young children. The Arduino Cool Kit allows a budding scientist to create anything from an alarm system to traffic lights, a drone, disco lights, or a robotic toy car. It has been popular with older students too as they discover what they are capable of once they understand basic electronic systems.

Dintwe’s product is adding a cool factor to technology. It’s also inexpensive, providing an educational resource that is much needed in South African schools. Growing up, a lack of funding had the techno-kid believing he would never be able to explore his love for electronics. Having had the chance to develop his interests at university, he wants to share that access with other youngsters. “I believe that if kids have an opportunity to play with robots like the ones that they see on TV, the interest for electronics will explode,” he says. If his passion is anything to go by, it certainly will.