Own your look. This designer ramps up confidence for all body types


Fashion should enhance our self-esteem. Instead, Denzil Pillay’s confidence was shaken by the lack of larger clothing sizes. “Struggling with weight loss in the past made me depressed,” he says. “I was limited on what to wear.” Pillay’s early experiences have influenced his direction as a designer today – one who is committed to making garments for every body type. Adorned with rhinestones, feathers, and tassels, his designs encourage people to show off who they are rather than shy away. “We are all different and we need to celebrate these differences,” Pillay says.

He forayed into fashion in 2014 when he started experimenting with makeup application and clothing design. Pillay’s hidden talent has since come out to shine. His creations are made for everyday people, catering to all genders and sizes. “I like to focus on garments that are inclusive,” Pillay says. The models that sashay in his work aren’t reed thin. Instead, their curves accentuate the finer details of the designs, while the outfits ramp up the wearer’s confidence. 

Closing this gap in the industry has subsequently restored Pillay’s self-esteem. “I learnt to love myself,” he says. Currently based in Cape Town, Pillay dreams of taking his range further. “If I look back, how far I came, I can only see stars from here,” he says. Pillay’s vision is on par with his clothing – bold and daring. “When people wear my designs, I want them to feel confident, sexy, fierce,” Pillay says. “Just own it.”