Cross fires, cross fires. Gang violence and rivalries


“We all suffer the same dangers. Cross fires, cross fires. Gang violence and rivalries.” Dean Bruyns could be describing the weather. Where he is driving, a day without gunfire is an exception worth celebrating. That’s why his work is so important. In a community in a state of perpetual crisis, he shows up every day to lend a helping hand.

Bruyns is a social worker motivated by a deep love for children and the potential he sees in them. He gives support and structure to children who have none, assisting them with home and school life, and helps teenagers seeking employment. Above all he gives hope and intimacy to children whose lives have been ripped apart by chaos.
Humans need each other to survive. It’s part of our biology. We all know this. Bruyns is one of the rare people acting upon this truth, using his mere presence as a way to heal.