He learnt what it means to be a dad on the golf course


Darren McKay’s stepfather was always busy. Working in a fast-paced, high-powered job, he never had time. But he understood the importance of family over everything else. So when he could, he made space for his stepson. At the Clovelly Country Club, he introduced the young boy to the world of golf. Together, they shared in a pastime that cemented their bond. Now an adult with a family of his own, McKay is continuing his stepfather’s legacy on the greens.

“He was a very busy man so I cherished the moments we got to spend together,” McKay says. “That time was like gold to me.” Today, McKay sees echoes of his stepfather’s work ethic in his own life. “I wish he could see me now and the person I’ve become,” he says. After years working as a creative director, McKay branched out to start his own brand development agency. As the owner and creative head of The Greenhouse Advertising Agency, he is in constant need of respite. Clovelly – situated in the Western Cape with its views of the mountains and False Bay coastline – is just that. It’s also less than 10 minutes away from Kalk Bay, with its bohemian mix of cafes, galleries, and stores.

Clovelly was designed by renowned architect Dr Charles Monteno. The scenic course covers 5 890 metres and is known for being as challenging as it is enjoyable. “The golf course is a place where I feel really calm, and it’s an escape from the pressures and stresses of work,” McKay says. Founded in 1932 and officially opened in 1934, Clovelly has been welcoming members of all backgrounds for decades. Age is not a factor either. “I’m now the proud father of my wonderful little boy, Leo, and I love bringing him to Clovelly Golf Course just like my stepfather did with me,” McKay says.

Stacey Silvestri