The coffee artist brewing connection with a blend of ingenuity


Coffee stains never get Danielle Jordaan down. A brown spot is simply the beginning of a masterpiece. Jordaan is an artist. Using just water and roasted grounds, she paints visions that stir the senses. “So many creatives feel limited by their resources,” Jordaan says. “But the best art can come from what you have right in front of you.”

Art has always been Jordaan’s happy place. Behind her talent lies a heart of gold, motivating Jordaan to work with communities. When she received the request to teach art at a café in Cape Town, Jordaan jumped at the chance. Extending her innovation to the materials used for art, Jordaan dipped into coffee for her new workshops. Different blends allow for a palette of shades to form. All that’s required from the artist are paintbrushes and freshly-brewed ideas.

The innovative medium is inexpensive, conjuring up fun experiences over coffee – with a twist. “Painting with coffee becomes a way of sharing memories,” Jordaan says. Her workshops satisfy her passion for working with people while utilising her talents. “I can’t imagine my life without being able to create,” Jordaan says. From salt to sand, South Africans have never been shy to use what they have to design what they need. Our most valuable resource is our ingenuity.