Sheltering lost huskies from hopelessness


Huskies are adorable. The velutinous coats. Their upbeat nature. And those piercing, sensitive eyes. But while a cuddle from a husky might be the world’s best pick-me-up, not everyone treats them well. Many are abandoned, or worse.

Daniel Maluleke has been working at Husky Haven for seven years. Like most dog rescuers, he’s seen animals in states too horrific for words. The problems facing huskies are both severe and widespread. Maluleke has made it his business to care for the sick, rehabilitate the injured and find new homes for the lost.

“Huskies can be managed by people who have a good understanding of the breed,” he explains. Though his efforts are noble and much needed for the animals to survive, he’s fighting a losing battle if we don’t collectively get behind the movement towards better treatment of animals. Huskies aren’t originally from South Africa, but for those trying to survive here, having a happy life is a real possibility thanks to animal lovers like Maluleke.