Creativity is elusive. This oasis is the remedy for writer’s block


Words don’t always come easy to Chad Saaiman. While he has established himself as one of South Africa’s most talented singers and songwriters, he also gets hit with bouts of writer’s block. “You have to be in the right headspace to make something great,” Saaiman says. Sometimes it’s a matter of going somewhere completely different. Saaiman sparks his creativity at Langebaan Lagoon.

It’s a place of unaffected beauty and calm. “I see wide open spaces, and it’s so quiet that I can only hear the sound of nature and birds,” Saaiman says. The lagoon is the biggest salt marsh area in the country, and ecologically rich. “My first impression led me to being in awe of the space,” Saaiman says. The turquoise waters extend far between the sea and green hills. Situated in the West Coast National Park, the lagoon is abundant in bird and marine life. It’s next to Saldanha Bay, just over an hour away from Cape Town. Though it’s a protected area, sections of the lagoon are open for leisure activities, from sailing to picnicking on the shores. Saaiman’s escape gives him the time alone to connect with himself and focus on his writing.

Saaiman’s career as a musician has taken him around the world, but it’s his home country that fuels his imagination. “It’s places right here that I enjoy the most,” Saaiman says. As his life gets busier, Saaiman knows he can return to the lagoon for peace and rest. Looking out to the water, it’s a reflection of what Saaiman values. “The colour and beauty of this park is as vibrant as the passion that I have for my country,” he says. With places like Langebaan Lagoon, there’s no shortage of inspiration.