A whirlwind of cosmopolitan culture in the heart of the Mother City


There’s a rumour running through Cape Town. Word on the street is that the cloud billowing over Table Mountain and Lion’s Head is smoke from the pipe of the devil himself. While this legend fades with the seasons, the energy of the Mother City never dies. Below the iconic peaks, which cradle the City Bowl in a tight embrace, is the heartbeat of South Africa’s cosmopolitan scene. From grand, centuries-old buildings to coffee shops that treat each brew like fine art, every corner of this living museum is rich in culture and alive with creativity.

Days in the central business district begin with sunlight streaming through the alleyways. Blossoms open up to reveal their vivid colours. The dense foliage at the Company’s Garden creates a verdant break from the surrounding architecture. Metres away, the flower market on Adderley Street offers souvenirs of the Cape’s floral heritage. All around, bustling restaurants spill out onto the pavement. At the steampunk-themed Truth Coffee Roasting, named the best café in the world, expect a sensory overload. 

A short drive to the Oranjezicht City Farm Market leads to a rush of energy. Famed for its fresh produce and artisanal confectionery, the weekend gathering never fails to pull a crowd. The Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront nearby is home to rockhopper penguins, ragged-tooth sharks, and stingrays among a multitude of marine creatures. Next door, the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa at the Silo District exhibits the work of the continent’s finest creatives. 

On First Thursdays, imaginations explode at galleries across the city. From Long Street all the way to Loop, connoisseurs mingle with artists while students and professionals come out to party. In contrast to the pumping music on the streets, the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra produces the most refined notes at City Hall. Outside this historic building, a statue of Nelson Mandela stands in immortal salute. Come nightfall, soccer matches kick-off on the rooftop of Grand Central Shopping Centre. Among the city’s skyscrapers and twinkling lights, it’s hard to imagine a place more perfect.

In the City Bowl, there’s a constant whirlwind of entertainment to satisfy every taste. For any aching artistic spirit, the gusts of the notorious Cape Doctor are the perfect remedy. Bullying through the streets, it passes a heady mix of urban life. Cape Town’s inner city is a cultivated space, filled with unparalleled experiences that are as diverse as they are dynamic. Prepare to be blown away.