Your dirty shoes changed my life


Tekkie Wash started as joke. Bongo Mahambehlala was watching TV with a friend. On screen, someone was cleaning shoes. Mahambehlala, an avid sneaker head, quipped that he could make money doing what he saw.

Humour became reality when he started charging his friends to wash their shoes. They recommended him to others. Before he knew it, he had built up a client base and was running a business with a partner, Phila Magidigidi.

Mahambehlala is a self-made man. He has built a business out of passion. Shoes aren’t an accessory to him. They are an integral part of the way we see each other. Clean shoes are a status symbol, a sign that the wearer is going places. Mahambehlala has turned his passion for sneaker culture into a business. He is living his dream, helping to give others pride and positive self-image along the way.