365 reasons to believe in our future


South Africa is a fascinating place. Our stunning cities are matched by the sheer variety of biomes that make up our land, each containing a unique plethora of animal and plant life that are among the most precious and diverse in the world. But the true treasure of our nation is its people.

Which is why Beautiful News has shared one positive story every day for the past 365 days. We have told the stories of creatives, like filmmaker John W Fredericks, whose work has showcased our cultural heritage on the international stage, while athletes like Grand-Slam-star, Lucas Sithole, remind sports fans of the skill and physical prowess we possess. Then there are the pioneers – tenacious inventor Kagiso Domingos – and the leaders in technological innovation typified by Tapiwa Chiwewe, the scientist working to solve our air pollution crisis.

These incredible individuals have taken the opportunities presented to them, and disrupted the norm where we need to grow. But they couldn’t have done so without the support of others. That’s why the community builders, led by the likes of Detective Andries Douglas, environmentalists in the league of Kumi Naidoo, and women of excellence epitomised by Kitty Phetla are so important. South Africa has role models in every sphere of life and, as we will continue to see in the next year of stories, they’re around us in abundance.

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Waldi du ToitOctober 2017