Lion whispering, record breaking and being determined. The best in South Africa


“Beautiful News makes me hopeful about South Africa’s future,” Kevin Richardson says. Known as the Lion Whisperer, Richardson is a world-renowned animal behaviourist, and one of the extraordinary figures that Mercedes-Benz has partnered with to celebrate the best that South Africa has to offer.

From innovative minds, award-winning designers and chefs to record-breaking runners, Mercedes-Benz South Africa is celebrating individuals who define excellence. Richardson is joined by a host of individuals with impact, influence and reach. Maps Maponyane. David Tlale. Jeannie D. David Higgs. Akani Simbine. And more.

Their achievements are a collective representation of the brand’s ambition in making Beautiful News possible – to celebrate the best in our nation. “We have untapped talent and untapped knowledge,” Simbine says. “Somebody just needs to tell those stories.” 

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Waldi du ToitOctober 2017