One positive story a day. A lifetime of difference


Stories have power. They illustrate the unimaginable. By changing perspectives, attitudes and emotions, they influence what we believe, and how we respond. When used for good they can reveal possibilities and inspire action toward change. Which is why we undertook to share one uplifting short film every day.

A year later, and your responses have shown that stories can change lives. La-eequah Jansen was forced to compete barefoot, but the 12-year-old runner never lost track of her passion. After sharing her story, she was contacted by several athletics clubs and the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls invited her to apply for a scholarship. After pushing to publish her own books, author Charmaine Mrwebi’s own story reached parliament, where she was invited to represent authors and small publishers. Mandisi Sindo, the actor who brought the power of performance to Khayelitsha, secured a meeting with the MEC for the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport, while Ingrid de Storie received enough funding for a clinic to support the animals she’d spent a lifetime saving.

It doesn’t stop there. This spirit is in all of us. With big ideas and even bigger hearts, South Africans have overcome adversity to make a difference. But they didn’t do it alone. They were supported and inspired by communities, families, and sometimes complete strangers. “We need to work with other people to make sure their legacies live on. What Beautiful News is doing is exactly that,” Sindo says. For every person featured, and for every viewer inspired, another step has been taken to building a more beautiful South Africa. That’s what we have been doing for the past year, and will continue to do going forward. Every day at 4:14.

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Waldi du ToitOctober 2017