How to find calm and clarity in the midst of rage and turmoil


What draws someone to the water? Discomfort on solid ground? The swirling drag of losing control, immersed in a force greater than oneself? For Andrew Kellett it’s about the journey – a lifelong relationship with water based on testing limits and earning respect.

Kellett learned to kayak as a child during trips into the mountains with his father. As an adult he became a respected white water exploration paddler and a member of the South African Freestyle Kayaking Team. His love for the sport has taken him all over the world, but his heart will never leave South Africa’s rivers.

Embracing the freedom at the edge of control has shaped Kellett’s life and career. Dropping in and letting go has become a vehicle to explore the world and experience all of its elements – to return to the primal joy of testing himself against the wilderness.