This politician’s commitment to integrity shaped our country


Andrew Feinstein had nowhere to go. Tasked with investigating a deal brokered by the party he had dedicated his life to serving, uncovering evidence of massive corruption, facing enormous pressure to remain silent about his findings, he was in a bind. Loyalty and integrity are powerful forces. Feinstein had to choose one. In the end honesty was the only option, and Feinstein resigned in protest, committing what amounted to political suicide.

Elected as a Member of Parliament during South Africa’s transition into democracy, Feinstein was committed to life as a member of parliament. His resignation, prompted by the ANC’s refusal to approve an external inquiry into the multi-billion rand arms deal, was a tipping point in South African politics. For the first time in South Africa’s young democracy, the liberation party had lost the moral high ground. Unwilling to compromise, Feinstein's life changed course. He found a new career as a filmmaker and investigative journalist, focusing on on the unregulated international arms market. Two books and an award-winning feature length documentary, The Shadow World, have followed.

Guided by his ethics, Feinstein walked away from a life, career and party he loved. Faced with an impossible choice, he followed his gut and integrity won out – to the benefit of South Africans everywhere.