This ceramicist uses art to heal people


Clay represents potential. A skilled ceramicist can transform a shapeless lump into anything he can imagine. For Andile Dyalvane, the tactile experience of getting lost in the beauty of the material is a way to heal – both himself and other people.

Originally from the Eastern Cape, Dyalvane is a world-renowned ceramic artist, designer and founder of the Imiso Ceramics studio. He specialises in creating upmarket ceramic pieces inspired by Xhosa traditions and customs. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally, with his first solo exhibition, titled Camagu, opening in June this year at the Friedman Brenda Gallery in New York.

Dyalvane sees clay as a way to touch something beyond himself. Clay connects him to his ancestors, and creates an emotional connection between himself and the viewer. As his ancestors did, he uses the four elements of life in his work: earth, air, fire and water. Art is a vessel that holds both traditional customs and contemporary experiences.