The artist with a sugar-coated message that you’ll lap right up


Even the greatest artists find themselves disconnected from beauty. Alice Toich puts it down to the busyness of life. Her solution is to step away from her palette of colours and into her kitchen. Baking not only relaxes her, but forms a source of inspiration for her later artistic creating.

“I embrace the femininity of being in the kitchen. It makes me feel strong and purpose-driven,” says Toich. Instead of being weighed down by stereotypes, Toich bursts through them by using the allure of baked goods to attract her audience. “Sometimes I need to sugar-coat things to get people to listen,” she reflects.

Her art is playful, but there’s a richness to it. It’s textured. Flavoured.  Toich works messages into her creations, using baking as a way to make art accessible to younger people. After all, she believes that baking and art are all about bringing us together. “I always think about people whenever I bake or make art – that’s the whole point of it at the end of the day,” she says.