In search of a breathing space, I found the tools for life


Total calm envelops the room. Ali Majija begins on his knees with a simple hero pose. He stretches into position, then moves to a seated spinal twist. He breathes. As the day draws to a close, fading sunlight seeps through stained glass windows. Multicoloured shadows dance across the floor. Whatever has come before doesn’t matter. At The Toolbox Yoga Studio, Majija has the chance to reset. This is his sanctuary.

Yoga gave Majija direction when he moved from Cape Town to Durban just over a year ago. “In this new environment, I needed a space where I could retreat to,” Majija says. He found it at The Toolbox in Musgrave, a quiet suburb just minutes away from the bustling city centre. The studio is an oasis in comparison to the busy streets nearby. Double doors open out to a lush garden of utmost tranquility. “I’m grateful to have a place this beautiful to practise yoga,” Majija says. The form of meditation helps him in times of stress and turmoil. While he can’t change the outside world, the principles of yoga give Majija control of his thoughts.

As a chef, he is dedicated to nurturing his health in as many ways as possible. “I believe in living a wholesome lifestyle, focusing on conscious eating and sustainability,” Majija says. Returning to The Toolbox allows him to balance both mind and body. Inside, intimate classes provide opportunities for quiet contemplation. Outside, a thriving patch of vegetables and hanging herb planters inspire Majija’s commitment to cook with sustainable food. The studio encourages respect and care which complement his philosophy. No matter what each day brings, the practice reminds Majija to be in the moment and trust his instinct. At The Toolbox, yoga is more than just an exercise. It’s a way of life.