South Africans are a vibrant, innovative, resourceful and warm-hearted people. A truth we often overlook. Since its launch on 1 November 2016, every day at 4:14pm Beautiful News has celebrated the extraordinary fabric of human nature that binds our nation. One year in and that’s over 365 stories – and counting – that celebrate the best in our nation.

Our goals are simple. In the face of news cycles dominated by disaster and unhappiness, we seek to provide a source of comfort and relief. Through stories told in films and photographs we want to share the selflessness, the entrepreneurial courage, and the human kindness that brings South Africans together. These are stories that are positive, authentic and true – a reflection of our people’s remarkable, enduring spirit. Together we are better.

Beautiful News South Africa is created by Ginkgo Agency, and made possible by Mercedes-Benz South Africa.